Sling in Burlington, ON

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Re: Sling in Burlington, ON

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I can't speak to other distributors, but for TAF USA in Torrance it's 50% at order and the remainder + shipping when they are ready to ship.
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Re: Sling in Burlington, ON

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I put 50% down on the fuselage order. I got the non-parachute config and it was right in the $30kUSD range. Not sure how it would ship to Canada, but it likely would come through LA/Torrence and then ship to you from there. My understanding of the process is that they receive it in Torrence from the ship, confirm everything, let you know it's there, you send in the other 50% and then it's on a truck to your place. Of course YMMV, but I know I'm out waiting in my garage for my shipment to arrive all the time... should be any day now (or a month really)... :D
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