Using Sling App

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Using Sling App

Post by huzilulu »

Hey Guys

I just downloaded the Sling App on my Ipad as I wait for my Emp kit to be delivered early next week … I have downloaded the TSi build manual on it, but cannot find the 'link' to inventory items/etc... Is there an inventory list for every kit on the app? Or is that still a Work in Progress? Besides the build manual, what else have you been using the app for?


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Re: Using Sling App

Post by PhilipRueker »

The inventory list comes with each kit in paper form for you to check things off from.

I don't think there's many people using the app currently.

Most of the time I tend to use the paper manual (either the one that comes with the kit, or if there's a newer one available on the online fileshare, then I sometimes print off the pages I need) - it's often easier to have the actual pieces of paper rather than a display in front of you where you need to zoom around.
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Re: Using Sling App

Post by ebrunye »

I use the app pretty often, but as Philip said it's much easier to use the paper manual because taking notes etc is easier. Not all my kits came with a paper manual though, so for my empennage and fuselage I had to use the app. There is no inventory option that I know of on the app, and the scan utility kind of sucks too. You scan the barcode on your part and it's supposed to show you where that part is located in the manual. But... It works about 10% of the time. Also, I don't know of any way to update the app revision. That would be a useful function in my opinion, as new revisions for the manuals are released to update or at least notify you and give the option for an update to the new revision.

All in all, it's a cool idea they have going with the app. Once it's fully developed and dialed in I think it will be an awesome resource and make the build process that much easier. As of today, I still prefer the paper manuals but maybe I'm just oldschool.

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Re: Using Sling App

Post by MTJ »

I have also set up in the shop a spare large screen TV hooked up to my tablet with the diagrams. I can enlarge and zoom to specific areas.

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