Fuel Sender Options

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Fuel Sender Options

Post by ibgarrett »

I put together a video of the Cies Fuel sender I'm using in my SlingTsi. In theory you should be able to use it in any of the wings (Sling2/4/Tsi low and high wing, but the information is specific for the Tsi itself.

Hopefully the information is useful to other folks.

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Re: Fuel Sender Options

Post by okent »

I watched your video last night. Looks like a much better option.
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Re: Fuel Sender Options

Post by wiseguy59 »

I decided to purchase the CIES sending units for my Sling 2 when they were recommended to me by one of the gentlemen at Sling Island while at Oshkosh.
They are a great company to work with as mentioned.
Be aware that it might take 6-8 weeks to get your sending units once you've placed your order. This was no problem for me, just plan ahead.

Thanks for the video and the tips, they are greatly appreciated, and I will definitely refer to them!
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