Want to talk about what it takes to build a plane based on your countries regulations?
What are the procedures to certify an Experimental airplane?
What pieces of equipment do you need for Instrument flying?
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Hello All,

Thank you Philip for creating this section of the forum. From my research, different countries have different rules and regulations pertaining to building your own airplane. Since the Sling is a South African airplane, the process how it was approved and certified will be different from your home country. Because I will do the build in Canada, I have done some research on how to get started. First I found the EAA Canada website. Here, you will find some very helpful information on everything EAA related to Canada.

This next site you will want to visit is Here, you will find the steps on how to start you build. From what I have found is that you first need to submit a Letter of Intent, Construction to the government. Once that is done, you may start your build. Once you have gone as far as you can go with out permanently attaching the skins, you will need to have a Pre-Cover Inspection done. Here, a delegate will make sure that the internal major components of your aircraft are safe and built correctly. If this is all good and in order, you can then apply for a tail number and finish your build. The Final Inspection will then be done and you will move into the test flight portion. From what I see, only 25 hours of non defects flying is required for flight testing and during which, you will need to perform a climb test. You will also have to do a fuel pump test but you can research that in the website.

If there is anything I wrote in error, please let me know and I will amend. Also, if you have any other information regarding the CARs in Canada or how your experience was with MD-RA and Transport Canada, please share your experiences. Thank you and happy building.
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Re: Canada

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Dear Boeing driver,

Thank you ever so much for your information for us Canucks. I'm currently a biz jet drive in Doha, Qatar but plan to build a Sling next year near Ottawa when I move back to Canada "Land of the Taxman". Your links were very useful except the one for the Canada EAA Chapter ( does not work. I found this one that works ... r-contacts.

If I find any more valuable information as I continue my research, I will share it.

Happy building and I can't wait....

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Re: Canada

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Good day Boeing Driver, thank you for the initial advice. We are in the process of migrating to Canada and should be in Montreal before the end of 2021. I am already in discussions with Sling for a TSi on pricing and getting my homework in place. It looks like we might be two guys (myself and Mike) starting a build in 2022. I have done about 20 hours in the Sling 2 and it is an awesome little planet to fly just for fun and keeping the hours and skills up.

Blessing to all,
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