Known building "Gotchas" for the Sling TSi

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Re: Known building "Gotchas" for the Sling TSi

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Another note on the vertical stabilizer riv-nuts: In addition to the issue already reported with the bottom two riv-nuts not allowing the doubler angle to sit flush against the rear spar, the clearance holes in the rear spar and the doubler angles for all the remaining riv-nuts were not large enough for an M4 screw.

I stepped up the hole size gradually while checking with a screw borrowed from the wing kit. I ended up with 3/16" holes to provide enough clearance for the screw to thread in cleanly. I did confirm with the factory that this is correct. Hopefully this has been obvious for everyone, but it did require another step that was not detailed in the instructions.
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Re: Known building "Gotchas" for the Sling TSi

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I'm not sure if this counts as as a "gotcha" or just a reminder to pay attention, but two of the nose ribs for the horizontal stabilizer that I got with my empennage kit had holes that were punched too large. It was pretty clear they were off in comparison with other pieces, but I'm not sure I would have noticed immediately without that comparison.

The factory is sending me new ones so it's not a big deal, but I would have been sad if I had spent any time cleaning them up before noticing.
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