EGT Probe pinning tool

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EGT Probe pinning tool

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I emailed you the message below yesterday and have not heard back from you. Please look for an email from I am not able to easily add the pictures in this post.
Thank you.

Good day,

I need some help with an Sling 2 S-LSA N517JT. It has a bad EGT probe. I am not able to find a de-pinning tool for the Souriau connector you installed during its manufacture. Do I need the Souriau specific de-pinning tool and do I need special pins? I have tried several Garmin and AMP tools and nothing has worked. Is the pin different from the Westach original probe found here?: ... kkey=29572

Also, I wanted to pass along that the brackets on the muffler tailpipe have cracked on both sides of the tailpipe. I plan to have it welded locally but I wanted to let you know about it.

I have attached pictures of the connector and muffler.


Thanks for your help,

Doug Goodrich
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