Warner Robins/Perry Georgia prospective builder

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Warner Robins/Perry Georgia prospective builder

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Bob Daughtry here. Low time PPL guy. Retired school teacher, currently working as a financial advisor. Been interested in flying my whole life. Had corrective lenses which at the time, disqualified one from flying in the military. Otherwise, probably would have driven aircraft for Uncle Sam. Instead, i blew up stuff.
Fast forward, i retired from coaching and missed the challenge and needed something to occupy my time. So i got my PPL about 5 years ago. I trained in a Diamond 20, flew a 40 until the company i rented from folded and sold the whole fleet.
Don't want/can't afford a Cirrus like i want and the -10 and the Tsi look the most like those and that's where i am. Have decided on the Tsi bc of lower upkeep/ops costs vs the -10.
would love to visit a flying Tsi if there's one near GA. I know of one in Jacksonville, FL but haven't gotten down there yet.

Cheers to all.


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Re: Warner Robins/Perry Georgia prospective builder

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Very few TSi flying right now. I think most of us went to California to fly 135WT. Jump on that commercial flight and get the demo!

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