Nick - potential builder, Borneo, Malaysia

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Nick - potential builder, Borneo, Malaysia

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Hi folks
My name is Nick Pilcher, I'm a British marine biologist based in a place called Kota Kinabalu, in Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. I am a PPL holder - about 250 hours - and keen to build a Tsi as I am finding it harder and harder to fly my club's solitary C172. I have looked at multiple options and this seems to be a combination of fun, technical skills (I have two), and a chance to be part of something new - certainly it would be the first build of its kind in Malaysia. I run my own research and conservation NGO, mostly working on saving endangered sea turtles, dugongs (like a manatee) and sharks and rays. You can see a bit about what we do at So I am not going to be able to build full time, but I do have a team here who will help and some folks at the flight club. Fingers crossed.

But.... but... Malaysian aviation authorities have just come back to me saying I can only build a two seater kit... But the directive then goes on to say that if the kit has been recognised by the FAA or the British aviation authorities, then it stands a far greater chance of approval here in Malaysia. I am just about to write a letter of appeal, but if anyone out there who has registered a Tsi in the UK or the US would be able to share with me some registration papers I think this would help my case. I can be reached on if you want to discuss this.

Look forward to flying with you all!
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Re: Nick - potential builder, Borneo, Malaysia

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I suggest you give Barry Jay from Sling in US in Torrance a call, he is the sales manager for Sling in the US and can probably direct you to the airplanes that are registered in the US.
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