CANADA - Planning TSI or High Wing summer 2022

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CANADA - Planning TSI or High Wing summer 2022

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Hey guys,

My name is Mike Sejourne, first I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Philip for accepting me, and for the hard work building this website!!

I've been flying since I was 18 years old and my first set of wheels was a C-172. I previously owned 2 airplanes (C-172K and C-177RG), retired from Military flying Canadian F-18s and now living and flying long-range business jets out of Doha, Qatar. After shopping for C-210s, Mooneys, Bonanzas and others, I've given up on looking at 40-60 year old machines and spending $$$ trying to bring them into this technology era. Therefore, I've opted to plan and build a TSI (but my wife and I favour the High Wing hoping that model gets more maturity soon) when I retire again :-) for good in Canada next year.

I am a bit of a perfectionist like Evan Brunye (that's a compliment Evan!), so I'm using the 6-P rule Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Therefore, I am currently spending valuable time researching, taking lots of notes and accumulating knowledge in preparation for this build like: Regulatory steps, tools, shop setup, prep/paint design, tips, next generation avionics & equipment/accessories devellopments etc...

As a first time builder (although I was an airplane mechanic in the Military for the first 2 years), I picked the Sling over the RV-10 because of the build time, easier processes and the 915is modern FADEC system (fuel flexibility and economy). It may be a bit slower but I'll have nothing but time to enjoy looking at the scenery out the window from a lower altitude than I'm used to i.e. 5,000 feet instead of FL510 ;) .

During my research, my build and when I get to fly my Sling, I plan to share as much information as possible. No sense keeping knowledge to ourselves in aviation.

Best regards and enjoy the build, it's meant to be fun :-)

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Re: CANADA - Planning TSI or High Wing summer 2022

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Awesome story and welcome to the group :)
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