Wing Tip Nav/Strobes?

Red or white beacon, Landing Lights, Navigation Lights, etc.
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Re: Wing Tip Nav/Strobes?

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I have chosen to go with Aeroled Pulsar NSP for experimentals on the wingtip and the Aveo MiniMax Aerial for the rudder. I found all the other wingtip solutions looked very mechanical with all the LEDs visible inside the unit. I think the Pulsar looks more elegant. The Aveo Aerial is the only rudder solution I found that will fit on the narrow rudder cap of the Sling. All the other options are about 2.25" which is standard for certified planes. Another builder used this same combo and confirmed that the strobe sync worked with the different brands.
Doug Goodrich
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Re: Wing Tip Nav/Strobes?

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Hi Doug - I appreciate the research on stuff like this... it really helps close the gap when I get to that point. I have added these to my list for purchase.
Brian Garrett
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