Taxi vs Landing Lights

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Taxi vs Landing Lights

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Just finished inventorying my wing kit I received last week. I am wondering why there are 4 landing lights and no taxi lights. The kit included 4 WAT (formerly Whelen) model# P36P1L landing lights. The kit packing list has 4 LGT-006-X-X-0 PAR36 Landing/Taxi Lights. So, they are all the same, but landing, not Taxi lights. The WAT model # for Taxi is P36P1T. The taxi lights are different in that they are wide beam flood lights vs narrow beam spot lights for landing. Since the packing list has identical numbers for all 4 I assume this is common practice with Sling builds? Has anyone done anything to change this? Failing any other resolution I plan to sell 2 of these landing lights and purchase some taxi lights.
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Re: Taxi vs Landing Lights

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I'm guessing here, but I didn't even give this a second thought. The landing/taxi lights are based off their area of focus once mounted, not so much the lighting fixture itself.

Again - just guessing, but I don't see why the lights would need to physically be different.
Brian Garrett
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