Paint Scheme Software?

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Paint Scheme Software?

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Good evening everyone,

Do any of you know of, have, or can code up some software that we put in our plane model, (2, 4, TSi, HW) then can drag the plane around on screen, enlarge it, put different design's, colors on it, so to design our own custom paint/color schemes? We could have the tail, horizontal stabilizer, fuselage, wings all be separate or together...

We could then use that design, project it through a projector onto the plane to get the lines, or curves mapped out for painting?

Kind of like an "AutoCad" for designing not just our Sling Paint schemes, but also most any small GA aircraft would benefit from such a program.

Custom colors could be added to the program by inputting the color codes, etc.

Just ideas... (Thanks Shane)

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Re: Paint Scheme Software?

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Hi Steve.

Unfortunitly not.
Typically custom paint schemes and the like are handled internally or privately.
Due to the nature of our info we is will not pursue this either.

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