Cleaning and protecting airframe

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Cleaning and protecting airframe

Post by glennpretorius »

Any recommendations on what product to use when cleaning and washing the airframe .
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Re: Cleaning and protecting airframe

Post by MTJ »

This question is under "Priming & Painting" So I'll bite..

Pre painting, (I am painting my aircraft myself) I am using a grey then a white scotchbrite pad and MEK to clean the surface. I have heard that alcohol is good as well. Then, the chromate primer followed by the paint. After a year I will apply Corrosion X.

Should be good go on long term airframe protection.
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Re: Cleaning and protecting airframe

Post by PhilipRueker »

If you're asking about cleaning once the plane is completed and painted, then for the airframe exterior itself, most people use Simple Green Aircraft Formula.
It's very important you only use the Aircraft Formula and not the normal soap one as that could deteriorate the metal.

For the window, you want to use a Plexi Glass cleaner like Plexus and use microfiber cloths to be careful to avoid scratching it.
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