Beringer brakes

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Re: Beringer brakes

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Those things are properly gorgeous works of art! Can the be fit to differential pedal brakes. I’ve used the hand brake on Comanches, and widely prefer toe brakes over them.
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Re: Beringer brakes

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MstrAv8r wrote: Thu Nov 11, 2021 9:59 am Those things are properly gorgeous works of art! Can the be fit to differential pedal brakes. I’ve used the hand brake on Comanches, and widely prefer toe brakes over them.
Sorry to revive an old topic - new to the world of Sling's.

I'm wondering the same thing. I've grown used to toe brakes and differential braking to assist with steering. I like the idea of the Beringer, but I think I'd like it more with toe brakes. Is that possible?
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Re: Beringer brakes

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Replying, but not much help. I think the person to ask is Henry at Midwest Sky Sports, or contact Beringer in South Carolina.

The Beringers on my plane were the hand brake type. Got used to it even though my previous plane was toe brakes!
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Re: Beringer brakes

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I'm surprised this one slipped by me... I did a video on the Beringer wheels/brakes at

There are a couple of items to note which can really complicate things quickly, so be prepared for a little extra work if you go this route. I don't know if Sling has made any adjustments to the landing gear for the TSi yet, but the Beringer Axles I got were in a rectangular pattern vs. the Matco which are square. This meant I needed to backfill the factory pre-drilled holes with some fibre epoxy and then drill new holes for the Beringer. I also worked with a local machine shop to have a new shim made in the rectangle pattern as the square pattern won't work because the holes don't line up and it's smaller than the axle itself.

I did contact Henry regarding the epoxy backfill process and he's done that on at least 3 Sling's at this time from what he said.

I am using the hand brake which complicates things further because the Beringer parking brake is to be installed aft firewall as per their install instructions. It also is the bleed point when you finish the brake install, so it should be somewhere reasonably easy to access. I wound up making a mounting bracket to install it under the rear seat on the right had side as there was room in that location. Of course the next issue after that is how to move the parking brake swing arm. It's mean to be remotely mounted, so I'm working on a control cable to go from the center console back to that location. The part will need to be machined or something along those lines. I've got the guy who did my shim coming over next week to look over the situation and see what we can come up with. Of course you can always use the brake that came with the kit, but I was having some differential size issues with the valve from Matco/Sling lining up to the stainless steel brake lines supplied from Beringer. So it was all Beringer or having some weird hybrid issues with the Matco.

The last item which is a bit annoying - if you watch my video, the axle is hollow in the center, so there's no mechanism to mount the wheel pant to the outside part of the axle. I'm still a little annoyed with Beringer because their catalog has pages of axles for other kit planes with wheel pants. So I'm not sure how they are using this axle on those airplanes with pants.

That being said - the axle that Beringer has worked out with Sling for the High Wing has a center core with a location to mount the outside of the wheel pant. I'm hopefully going to work around this by having a core slid into the hollow part of the shaft in which the cotter pin will hold it in place and a place for the screw for the wheel pant to attach. There isn't very much if any lateral strength needed it's more vertical positioning which the shaft should work fine with. I noodled about this with Billy at Sling and that's ultimately what we arrived at.

So, overall it isn't a perfect drop in fit/finish but it is manageable with some effort. Holler if you have any questions.
Brian Garrett
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Re: Beringer brakes

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With Beringer wheels and brakes now an option, is there still rework required to the axle mount holes on the main gear legs or is this corrected at the factory when you select the kit option? Does that also include the correct axle shims?
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