MOSAIC and Sling TSi

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MOSAIC and Sling TSi

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Has anyone in the US been following the new MOSIAC (Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification) NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rule Making) that was issued this month (July 2023)? I really changes what can be categorized as Light Sport. I wonder if the TSi could be made to qualify. The proposed new rule says basically anything with a clean stall speed of 54 knots Calibrated will now qualify. I know the published Vs1 for the TSi is 55 knots indicated, but I don't know what it is calibrated. So, has anyone read the NPRM? What thoughts does anyone have?

Has anyone at Sling noticed this and what do you guys think? Is there a possibility of the TSi (and High Wing) being certified as LSA under the new rules? ... tification
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Re: MOSAIC and Sling TSi

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So Mike was at Oshkosh this year and he said Sling would be working very closely with the FAA to get what they could out of MOSAIC with regards to their lineup. MOSAIC isn't set in stone yet - it's just out for comment, so there may be some changes still.

If they aren't able to get the stall speed down in MOSAIC they would need to do some redesign on the Tsi wing to get it there. So that would be a future product/change. The bigger problem is there may be some sacrifices in speed to get the Tsi down farther in stall speed. But Mike was speculating at that point so don't take what I'm saying as fact or that Sling IS working on changing the wing at this time.

There's more to come for sure, but they definitely are planning on being fully engaged in the comment period to get the most they can out of it.
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Re: MOSAIC and Sling TSi

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AlabamaSlingPilot wrote: Sun Jul 30, 2023 8:09 pm I know the published Vs1 for the TSi is 55 knots indicated, but I don't know what it is calibrated. ... tification
Professing ignorance on the details of CAS vs IAS. I know what the definition is, but I'm not sure "how" is measured. Would the CAS be aircraft-specific since it's affected by where the instruments are located? Meaning the OAT or Pitot or static port installation details on a specific aircraft might affect the CAS? Or is it determined by the mfg? or something else?
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