Building a Sling in Spain

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Building a Sling in Spain

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I just moved to Spain from the USA and would like to build a Sling TSI. I know in Spain Sling are not certified aircraft but I would like to know the following information if anyone has some knowledge:

1) Are homebuilt kit planes like the Sling able to get insurance in Spain?

2) Are Sling aircraft able to fly in Spain under IFR conditions?

3) I believe that homebuilt aircraft in Spain have special restrictions like not flying over cities, and other populated areas. Is it possible to get those restriction removed if meeting specific requirements?

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Re: Building a Sling in Spain

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I could tell you what the situation is in Ireland (which is another EASA regulated country) but there are still differences on rule around Permit/Experimental aircraft across the EU :)

There is almost certainly a society or group dedicated to Permit aircraft in Spain and they would be the best ones to talk to. Failing that, you could try the VANS forum
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Re: Building a Sling in Spain

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Is there a EAA-affiliate chapter in Spain? It seems likely there's some organization for homebuilt aircraft, they're probably the best bet for questions about local regulations.
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