Safety Alert #0012 - Replaced by Service Bulletin #0017

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Safety Alert #0012 - Replaced by Service Bulletin #0017

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This has been replaced by Service Bulletin #0017: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=111

RELEASE DATE: 2020/06/30

EFFECTIVE DATE: 2020/06/30

SUBJECT: Potential risk of shearing of control stop plate rivers

MODELS AFFECTED: Sling 4 and Sling 4 TSi aircraft

COMPLIANCE TIME: Before the next flight

LABOUR TIME: Inspection only: 1 hour
Inspection and modification: 4 hours

DESCRIPTION: The Safety Alert provides the instructions for the inspection, and if required rectification, of the elevator control torque tube for Sling 4 and Sling 4 TSi aircraft. Internal quality checks have shown that elevator stop plates in some aircraft may have been assembled with aluminium 3.2 x 8 mm domed rivets instead of stainless steel 3.2 x 8 mm domed rivets. These aluminium rivets shear at a lower control stick load compared to the stainless-steel rivets, so it must be ensured that stainless steel rivets are installed. ... c5178ed6bb
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