Dual Toe brakes vs Centre brake

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Dual Toe brakes vs Centre brake

Post by arjenv »

I am considering the Sling TSI and am wondering if anyone has gone for the extra Dual Toe brakes vs the standard Centre brake on the TSI. I am a newby pilot (180 hours) and have only ever flown Toe brakes. So I would be inclined to go for the extra option of Dual Toe brakes. Toe brakes seem to give you more control if you are taxing in strong crosswinds etc. Also your right hand is free to concentrate on the throttle.
Anyone else opted for the Toe brakes or are the centre brakes good enough? I am also thinking about potentially selling the plane (way) down the track and most pilots are comfortable with Toe brakes.

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Re: Dual Toe brakes vs Centre brake

Post by Cluemeister »

I've flown both toe and hand brake aircraft. I had no issue with either, and opted for the hand brake.

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Re: Dual Toe brakes vs Centre brake

Post by PhilipRueker »

If you can, you should try to do a test-flight in the plane with the center brake.

I had the same hesitation like you, but after I did a test flight, it was surprisingly easy to use the center brake, so I decided to go with the standard option of the center brake after that.

You can operate it at the same time as the throttle as they are right next to each other.
Plus, one benefit is that on landing you can't accidentally brake with just one side, and it makes the installation as the builder a lot simpler as well.
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Re: Dual Toe brakes vs Centre brake

Post by MTJ »

I flew an aircraft with a "bicycle" type squeeze brake on the stick. Once you get used to something its no big deal.

I chose the hand brake.

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