De-icing / Anti-Icing Systems for the TSI

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De-icing / Anti-Icing Systems for the TSI

Post by yamil »

Howdy, does anyone know of a de-icing/anti-icing system that is compatible w/the TSI?

Im aware generally of the three main ways of combating ice (Bladder that expands/contracts, Heating system on wings, fluid weeping system, combination of the above). I have not been able to find anything, and when I reached to the TAF, they do not have anything so far.
With the performance envelope of this plane, I think an ice combating system could be of great value.

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Re: De-icing / Anti-Icing Systems for the TSI

Post by PhilipRueker »

I briefly looked at the topic myself before, but there's a lot of things you'd have to figure out and at the end of the day.

While you might be able to come up with your own solution for the wings, you'd still also need to find a way for the prop and I actually talked to the people from Airmaster at Oshkosh and they don't have a heated prop.

Also you might need an extra alternator to power the system.

So it would really come down to where you leave and how badly you want this as it would sure be pretty costly.
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Re: De-icing / Anti-Icing Systems for the TSI

Post by Custom Aircraft Builders »

The prop would be the first thing you would want to de-ice. If there isn't a solution for that first, there's no reason to spend time figuring out something for the airframe.

I have worked with the Kelly Aerospace Thermawing system for years but it's a power hog (7,500 watts) and requires a 130 amp, 70 volt alternator to run it. You can feel the 310 hp engine loose RPMs when it operates. Unfortunately, the 915is won't cut it. Otherwise, Thermawing would be nice because it's electric.

If the prop was de-iced, probably TKS would be the only potential airframe solution.
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Re: De-icing / Anti-Icing Systems for the TSI

Post by permagray »

So I was thinking ...

Has anyone tried running a manifold heater type of system and piping it through the wings - they are mostly hollow afterall.

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