Here is a list of Sling Airplane build projects from around the world.
If you are currently building, or have completed, a Sling Airplane and would like us to add a link to your project page, please contact me.







Starting your own build log

Are you interested in starting your own online build log, but don’t know how?

There are a few free online build log platforms available for builders to get started if you don’t want to host your own custom online blog.

Here are a few options specific to experimental airplane logs:

  • We Build Planes – Free to use, modern user interface, actively being developed and improved
  • EAA Builders Log – Free for active EAA members
  • Kit Log Pro – Paid Desktop software with ability to share log online

Some people also choose to create their own web blog, most often using WordPress. You can either host a blog yourself, or use free hosting such as:

  • – Free to download WordPress online blog software and host yourself
  • – Free to use online blog platform, ad-supported
  • – Free to use online blog platform, ad-supported